Pink Guy


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To all the MC's who battle me
I'm calling out my black friends
Wait I don't have any
I got hacked by a couple dudes on Facebook
Now I got my friends questioning my sexuality
But I can spit more bars than a jail cell
Got more quitters than a shop that doesn't pay well
I always walk with a limp
Cuz when I get my ass beat
I ain't no athlete now thats deep
Haters on my dick can hop off these huge balls
Lose self confidence and cry in the bathroom stalls
Now am I that mean?
If your gonna razor blade yourself
You better use some shaving cream
Yes I'm offensive, I'm hopping all fences
You act all hard but inside you’re defenseless
You're kinda stupid, you're cockeyed
A moron that likes to pick fights but I think you picked the wrong guy
See I'm a loser
But I can tell the difference when it comes to skinny rappers starting things without a reason
And you're kinda gay
I don't care what you internet geeks say
Like anarchy
Child slavery
Then its all good
Racial stereotypes
Did I mention anarchy
What about racism
Either way its all good