Losing Track Of Time

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Losing Track Of Time

I can´t understand why do I fell something like this
Can it be just vertigo?
All my senses got completely out of control

And this illusion, a creation of my mind
Clocks falling from the wall
Keep melting as on pictures of a dream

Liquid seconds
Blowing seasons
Drifting hours
And I lost my sense of time

Yesterday, 'nother wave
Burns a hole in my mind
I am falling into it

The delay, this decay
A confusing disturbance
I´m falling away

It´s a web made of facts
Getting into my head
Turning into a thread

Organize all the time
In mechanic ways
I keep falling away

And I´m falling away
Oh away
Just tell me what I will follow now

Stretching time beyond myself
Waiting forever to come by
Sitting in my bed
A blurred perception of highlights

I´m stretching time

Tic tac tic tac...
Lose the track of the time
Using the lack of it

Time, just what is time, if a creation of my mind
The sensation of the day, of the minutes, of the seconds fades away
And I can see what the fate of the whole world is
Cause the future and the past are now mixed up into something
Out of control

Autor(es): Deventter