Angus & Julia Stone


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My wolf sings, he doesn't bark like a dog.
His mum was killed in the hands of a man.
He was next at only 6 weeks old.
These fools playing God I just don't understand.

My, my Malakai
My, my Malakai

This lady is screaming at the top of her lungs,
She said "I saw your fool in my back yard",
I said "no he was here" as he licked his lips.
Eating old chucks is just one if his tricks.

My, my Malakai
My, my Malakai

She wasn't happy, she called the cops.
The pigs came around and said he's gotta go.
So we took him out to see his friends.
He came back crying with a needle and a thread

My, my Malakai
My, my Malakai

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