Lost and Found

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There is no destiny, he said, crossed the road,
and got hit by a car, driven by an elderly lady,
lost in thoughts, leaving the funeral of her
beloved husband.
Moved by a courageous, fond life, taken
away by his braveness, his intelligence,
and all the good he'd done, she forgot all about
his fading, all about the trouble and all about
his human weaknesses. She forgot about the
changes during his return in 1945.
Tears in her eyes she reached the crossroad.

Lost, I was lost, but now I'm found
Raised from the ground of my burnt soul
I was lost, but now I'm back.
A fiery phoenix in a world coal black

This is gods fine for all your crimes, she thought,
convinced it was her fault dad left when she
was a child. You're insufferable, mother said.
None of her men ever stayed. She was a quiet girl,
too quiet for a fulfilled life.
Persuaded to be a nothing,
she slipped into a parallel world,
in which she was the avenger of all repressed.
She emerged, her fate not able to alter.
A prince in shining armour should' ve come to her rescue.
Unluckily he didn't believe in fate and left her at a crossing.

Lost, I was lost, but now I'm found…

He was about to take the final step.
Sufferance took his will to live.
Sitting at the windowsill, ready to descend,
a parting twosome got his attention,
and a car apparently not willing to slow down.
At the moment of impact all souls melted.
In a split second he understood universe's
fortune and disguise.
He climbed back in his kitchen,
took a gulp of tea and finally he sang:
Lost. I was lost…