Peter Hammill

Lost And Found

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(Even the wolf can learn
Even the sheep can turn
Even the frog become at last the prince)

No more imagined insults
And no more bloated pride
I'll see you at the wedding
I'll see you on the other side
And I'll hold my peace forever
But I'll hold my passion more
I'll be holding the door
And waiting for the princess
I could say I'm waiting for the world
But when it comes right down to it
I'm simply waiting for the girl
On through the ring of changes
I'll be at my side in a single bound
Lost and found
Looking to be lost and found

La Rossa extends her hands
In the morning light the stigmata don't show
She's already up, making plans
She thinks it's maybe time he ought to go
And she's friendly like it's a service
But she's ringing round his head
Though he knows she has no further use for him
Still he feels like he's raised from the dead
Out to the cold grey daylight, never even wondering, of course
If one moment of perfect passion is worth a lifetime of remorse

So it's no more empty promises
And no more idle threats
No more if only's
And no more and yet's
No more wishes for the future
No more denials of the past
I'm free at last
I'm in love at last
I'm lost and found

(Put on your red dress, baby
'Cause we're going out tonight
Put on your high-heeled sneakers
Everything's going to be alright?)

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