Die Form

Lost By Lust

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The poisonous engulfed ladies long for voluptuous delights
that hands indolently dispense, that hands indolently dispense.
Veiled skylights, violated flesh, chilling undergrounds, there,
everything slides and creeps.

[I lost you, in this life,
your soul is still wandering, from stone to stone.
Sleeplessly, I survive, between bark and moss.
I pursue the shades.]

My hand is straying under the veil that my claws are tearing.
Would it be the Devil who opens me ?
Would it be the Devil who guides you ?

[I lost you, in this life,
your soul is still wandering...
I scratch some mirrors and search for you, under the green mud, without seeing you, in despair, in despair.]

My soul is still wandering, I wish I had lost the memory of your skin !
I sank without seeing you, I drowned myself without finding you.
Bitten by witches I suckle the beasts which get drunk with my nectars.