The Exit

Lost Cause

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I heard that you've been
Saying things about me
You really shouldn't say
I should have known
Coming from you

So how come you're so
Nice in front of me
But when you walk away
You keep on doing what you do


Sooner or later all the
People you call friends
Will know all the lies and smiles
You bring with you
Everywhere you go


I can see the rain
But I don't feel the pain
This isn't anything I've lost
And I can feel the stab
But I don't see the scar
And I'm not thinking bout'
The cost, of this lost cause

You know I'll never know
The reason why
I'll never understand
This situation that we're in
I don't think that you realize
That I could put you
Where you stand
But that is not the way I am

(bridge 2)

I heard this little thing
Called honesty goes
A long, long way
You're climbing a ladder
Down to hell and you are
On your way

(chorus 2x)