The Sorrow

Lost Chapters

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We are bled dry, we lost the spark
I miss determination in your eyes
Once you said: it's not for the win,
It's for the fight
But the distance between you and your words
Became as big as oceans deep
What has made you to this person in front of me?
Personal loss broke your spine,
Intimidated to experience
The next big disappointment.

Robbed of all the courage you've worn in your chest.
It hurts to see you're a broken person these days.

Can i still try to lead you back
To the hidden beauty of these days
It's still an old thesis,
But time will heal all wounds
There may will be scars,
Invisible and visible ones
Those that hurt and those that don't
They will be a part of your life from now on
Carry them with pride,
They tell the story of your life

Autor(es): The Sorrow