Split Enz

Lost For Words

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Tell me sir what would you do
- if you were me
Hop, skip and jump like a kangaroo?
- if you were me

I'm wide awake in a dormitory city
- if you were me
What would you do to stop the noise
- if you were me

I can't relate, to your vicious excuses
The damage has all been done, and talking is useless

Tell me sir what would you say
- if you were me
I'm lost for words ...
- if you were me

I'm scratching my head, and focusing my eyes
No lack of information, but I can't explain it
I'm looking it up, I'm writing it down
I couldn't read it if I tried

I'm looking for words ooooh
I give it all I got, ooooh
And I'm lost for words, you don't even listen
It's all been said before, so I'll just turn and walk away

Autor(es): Neil Finn / Nigel Griggs / Tim Finn

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