Living Colour

Lost Halo

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How did you come to live on ... angel?
You feel this place with timeless grace
You blind us and coming heaven's alive
Without your wings still to fly

Through the night

Where did you leave your halo angel?
Is it underneath the devil's bed?
Did you lose it among the stars?
Or is it circling in my heart?
Torn apart

(Fools is your shame)
Where angels feel the same
Your warning and your sign
All the love care be mine
Oh, Be mine
Be mine

Where will you go when you leave my angel?
To the .... or to heaven's gate
But when ... Seems that look
Seems that not into your eyes
Will it tell you and not that it's much too late

Is it much too late?
Angel, Is it much too late?
Where are you going?
Don't you leave
I love, I love, I love you
Ohh, Don't you go
Please, please don't you go
Don't you go
Don't you go
Don't you go

Please don't go

Angel... Angel...
Please... Please...
Please don't go

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