Lost Horizons

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Tonight I'll try to change my way of melodie
To please your lusts and make myself a company..
The pain I cause ain't worth the time you lay`d on me
'Cus tonight I think its up to me to make it real..

'Thou I fought before
Now I wanna struggle more
You're the one im living for..

Oh your love is a serious burning
And my eyes are the mirror of pain
In the dephts of my heart I am learning
To make you smile again..

Tonight I celebrate the love we share
Oh can you feel the love im giving you I'm forever there..
The loneliness' been knockin' on your door for far to long
And I hope to see the face of warmth that has been gone..

The sun is rising
Over lost horizons
I pick a star and give to you..

No more tears, no more scars, no psychotic fathers
Lonely nights in our cells without love from each other
I am yours you are mine, and we livin' forever..