Lost Identity

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When the dreams are gone
And emotions die
When nobody can hear
Your tearful cry
Unforgettable grip of humiliation
Helps to reach the shore - your destination
When you roam beyond consciousness
Through dimension full of oppressing senselessness

When deceit breaks in disdaining the virtue
And reality seems to be a dream
Reflect upon who you are
And who you are to be

So tell me now
Your prophetic dream
When will my life end
What's my destiny
Will the truth break in through the bound of lies
And reflect in the mirror created by your eyes
Will the reason find way to your mind
And reveal the sense that we try to find

[Solo: Jacek]

Where are you now
When I'm waiting here
To explain somehow
My pity tears
Your thoughts are closed within my brain
Then mind's closed too, brain's filled with pain
My imagination is what you cannot stand
It doesn't react for any stimulants

Autor(es): Sceptic