Lost In The Grave

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Wake up in the darkness
Lay down on the damp earth
Face up look around
There are cross 'n' tombstones
Stand up and start walking
Drift the damp air
Moonlight shine on numberless crosses
No understand north or south

I'm lost in the grave
Can't get away this place
I'm lost in the grave
What on earth is this ?

Jackals bark from faraway
Crows cawing from the sky
Men's shouting from basement
Painful voice cross to my hear
Kept on walking with tremble
Drift the stink of rotten
Any number of cross cover me
Unknown where to go


Wandering about aimlessly in the grave
I became solitude, what on earth is this ?
Kneel down, and wept to the sky
"Somebody help me to get out of here,
To get out !!!! Help ! No - !!!"
Strange sign around me
Icy hands appeared from the earth
Broken coffins, the dead get on the move
Run away at full speed from there
How long running on, get out of breath
Caught myself with against the cold
Just as lifted up my face
It was a tombstone
My name carved on the tombstone... "No - "
I was a wraith in the grave
Get dark in my mind
I was a wraith in the grave
Can not believe this truth
Get dark in my mind
I amazed on the place

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