Lost In The Stars

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Walked by a patch of water in which i saw the sun
It made me think of you, and how far you'd really gone
Then i heard the sound of wings, of a bird that didn't sing
He held his breath for you, that's something that i can't do
That bird didn't know a sad song and when i whistled one he flew along
I guess what scared him was the sound,
He left two feathers on the ground

I left them i the earth, guess all beauty turns to dirt, but
I will wait for you till the stars fall down into my backyard
I will wait for you, as the sun burns down upon my back
I'm lost in the stars
Love is a battlefield, love is murder
Pacifism is suicide, what can i do but hurt her?
The stars aren't falling and neither are you and i
The stars are calling, but we're not calling anymore
Let's start another war
[repeat chorus]
Once we were free to ram these lands and cut right through the fog

Now that they're gone and we're older,
We stalk these streets like lost dogs