Lost In Your Complexity

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Avec Tristesse - Lost In Your Complexity

I'd give you the soul of this boy that is in front of you.
His useless life isn't enough to beseech all your love.
As you put sight in this poor boy that is ready with fear,
To flourish through darkness and enter your complexity.

Aching as flowers refused,
Then you loose grip on emotions;
With sadness we're doomed.
The frost is inside you killing you through
Burning your heart in the name of truth.

In fear, we sear.
Again in tears.
Recall the years when fights appeared.
Remember dear, those lonely years.
You turn, with fear, to not see me crying here.

Why? Why does your sun shine this way?
Say no more, cast me to die just today.

Fighting within.
Our quest tastes like an open wound.
Now that's all over; this quest will never come through.

I can't wait for any answers,
I'm so lost to go any further.

Man might never know for sure
The complex equations of love and truth.
(So) face the abnormal strength within you,
Just when you loose the chance to choose.

Pedro Salles: Voz limpa e rasgada, Teclados e Guitarras
Nathan Thrall: Voz rasgada e Bateria
Rafael Gama: Baixo

A wicked mind behind her eyes
Her beauty's beyond heaven and hell
And her voice gave me a dark will

Whispering in silence, dancing with desire
You make me feel forever
But it's really killing me

Blood shed from my heart
Like a decorative colour
In your sick gallery of emotions
Hence I'll say farewell

Autor(es): Salles / Thrall

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