Nocturnal Bloodlust

Lost Memory

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I promise you not to break your heart one more time

Now everything you've had is faded away from your eyes, so let's take a piece of glass back together for us
Tears you drop onto my cheek would tell me how dear you suffer from this burden

So scream it out, my lungs out now
My weakness appears tonight
I believe you'll be fine

I will ask you over and over again but you won't feel anything to me

Why do you stay inside, I can't believe myself do you still stay in me?
But time is guiding fire lights up mire. There is no afraid
Do you feel me now? Do you feel me now once again?

Jump and hands up

Don't worry, my word is judgment of right. Bless your day the sun lights out the way you choose
Touch my heart and feel my fire toward to your bless. Touch my heart and feel my fire

Break out, break out, break out of your shell you're not alone anymore
Right now fly over this wall

For what it's worth I'm sorry
I've left you behind before this happen.

This is life given to me, this is pain given to you, knowing nothing is better than knowing it all

This world is fulfilled with hate, combustion and grief
But in this desolation, there is hope some are eager to thrive

"I want the time to remember you" on the way you whisper to me
You grab my hands and show me your smile

Come, take me now because I want to know about myself
Let me go if it's time to remember

Walk with me one more time let me hear what you used to say
One more time let me know what you think
One more time let me feel your love

Stay with me, I'll be always here to say I love you
Come with me I will show you everything we've known

I promise you not to leave you alone anytime.
(I promise, you're not alone, you're never ever alone again)

Whatever tears us apart, we stand by our promise
Now the time has come, we take first step to look for the pieces of lost memories
You hear me, I watch you till we find

Autor(es): Hiro

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