Say Anything

Lost My Touch

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Some say I've lost my touch at crafting say anything songs
I suppose I'll let you take my place onstage
It's not a difficult job to supplant, young one
And you're twice as insightful at half my age
Just string together lines of smug, self loathing bile
And bear the chip your shoulder holds, a weight
Wield your aged thesaurus
Bludgeon ignorance

Clutch the awkward fifteen pounds you've grown to hate
The truth is one day you will be greater than I
The truth is one day I will be eclipsed
And the thought of it brings a warm smile to my face
Because I've lived and bled for this

So grapple with your sexual misconduct and
Your drug use in a blunt, acerbic verse
Grate your voice and make a choice to hibernate
It's the better half of us that live the worse
Maybe if you're lucky you'll shed corporate ties
Out there on your own, no sealed income
With rejects and misfits for friends and no shot at fame
Simmering in the glow of the angels in your home

The truth is I'm warm in the blanket of my niche
And the truth is how you sing back makes me cry.
There are many taught a love forgot ain't worth a damn; not I
It will keep breathing when I die

What's left to do but keep those words and phrases away
The ones we all know and live in fear to claim
I never say "washed up" as I prefer to say "washed over"
Because you can drown in love of yesterdays

Because you can drown in love of yesterdays
Because you can drown in love of yesterdays
Of yesterdays!

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