Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

Lost on 49th Street

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Train rides and freeways out of the city
I'm back where I started, still feeling ugly
This me with my blonde hair, and you in that black dress
You're wagging your finger and laying in bed

But I'm lost
Lost on 49th street
Trying to find the village
Trying to drown myself in pills

And you took me to Europe, or maybe it was New York
I slept in a couch, in a beach side apartment
Where I longed for my true love, the city I come from
She slept in his bed, I could smell him on her clothes

As I lay
Motionless on cold floors
Shivering and heartbroke
Wasting all away

(And there'll be some weird bridge here, but I'm just gonna play the verse, cause I don't know what to play)

I got one chance to get you, get you back, baby
I had you back then but I threw you away
And I sang on a dark stage, out to a small crowd
Again and again, til I packed up my things and drove home

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