Lost Properties

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Shadows move back to the ground
The sun begins to show
Lay to rest, when it is light
The day it makes them go
Gates of hell are open wide
Resists the savage dead
We are safe at least for now
Recuperate what's left

[Chorus:] Forgotten times before
Fighting an inner war
Living for the future
Today we'll pretend

Empty houses on the hill
Proprietors unknown
Without licence we move in
Take it as our home
In this sick society
Citizens get sick
Fight against reality
With every kind of trick

Burning down the walls
The rebellion force
All across the land
Fight in selfdefense

We will make the worse time better
We write down new laws
That help us living together
No one can ignore
You teach children harmony
And to use elbows
In this sick society
Only strong kids grow


[Repeat 1st verse]