Stan Ridgway

Mama had a stove

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They say that I'm a loner
They say that I'm a stooge
But all I've ever wanted
Was back in Baton Rouge
We'd paddle up the river
Go fishin' in a stream
We'd see the people drinkin'
On the Mississippi Queen

And Mama had a stove
And Daddy had a still
Then Daddy ran away
With his second cousin Jill

I left home at ten
I joined a carnival
Washin' down the elephants
Life was never dull
One night when the clowns
Had all got drunk
I sneaked into your wagon
And rifled through your trunk

Chorus repeat

And Mama raised us up
To never tell a lie
Except when there's a secret
Where the neighbors tend to pry
Mama had a stove repeat x2

Autor(es): Stan Ridgway

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