Tom T. Hall

Mama's Got The Catfish Blues

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I ain't had a bite cause the moon's too bright
I wish I had a big one or two
My crockline's set and my hooks're all wet
And mama's got the catfish blues

Don't like to see her unhappy she treats me like a water tree
I hate to see mama with the catfish blues
And the catfish're laying in the river asleep
There's a bottle of wine laying easy on my mind
I dug enough bait to catch a few
My reeling's wet but I cannot forget
Mama's got the catfish blues
[ fiddle banjo ]
There's a turtle on the stump and the toadfrog jump
And I guess I copuld gig me a few
In settlin' fog I caught a big water dog
Mama's got the catfish blues

Don't like to see her unhappy...

Autor(es): Tom T. Hall

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