Allan Sherman

Lotsa Luck

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When you're driving through the desert, and your car runs out of gas,
Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck.
When you try to stop some strangers they will holler as they pass,
Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck.
So you walk eight miles, and all uphill, to call the Auto Club,
And the whole thing's nip and tuck.
'Cause they'll ask you for your number, and your number's in your wallet,
and your wallet's in your car, so lotsa luck.
When your television set breaks down and needs repairin' bad,
Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck.
You look through the Yellow Pages for an honest-looking ad.
Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck.
Then the fellow comes, and says your set must go into the shop,
And he takes it in his truck.
Four months later when he brings it back, it's someone else's set,
besides he drops it down the steps, so lotsa luck.
Some people think a horseshoe's gonna bring them lots of luck.
A horseshoe is a luck charm, of course.
But for every set of horseshoes human beings use for luck,
Somewhere in this world's a barefoot horse. (a barefoot horse)
When you buy a tape recorder of the automatic kind,
Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck.
If it's simplified for folks who aren't mechanically inclined,
Lotsa luck, pal, lotsa luck.
There's a small instruction booklet that's one hundred pages long,
And on page one you get stuck.
It says, if unsatisfactory you must bring this to the factory,
and the factory's in Japan, so Rotsa Ruck!

Autor(es): Allan Sherman

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