Lotta Rocks

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If we could take a trip back in time,
I wander what we might find.
Imagine it's one billion year B.C.
Back when the planet had a pretty face.
Back when our world was different place.
If we close our eyes, then you might see.
I'm looking up. I'm looking down. I'm looking all around.

I see a lotta rocks, lotta rocks.
No shopping malls, no restaurants.
Just a lotta rocks, lotta rocks.
No movie theaters, no ice cream shops.
Lotta rocks, lotta rocks.
Oceans and mountains and forests and rivers
And lots and lots and lots of rocks.
If we could crawl out of the time we're in,
the way the crab crawls out of it's skin,
what do you think that we might find?
And what a funny feeling just to see prehistoric geography.
But I can see it in my mind.


All these people and this big museum...
You wouldn't even see 'em!
Nothing made by people would be found.
Let's take another look around.
There go the highways. There go the phone lines.
There go the rest stops. There go the road signs.


Autor(es): Dan Conley

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