Ace Hood


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Nigga's hating on me like I just hit the lottery
Getting real money, all them hustler's say they proud of me
Bitches all on me like I just hit the lottery
Heard you niggas pocket watching, I don't know probably
Insane money like I just hit the lottery
Fifty grand on me like I just hit the lottery
Twenty bottles on the way, mother fuck a bottle fee
The way I'm blowing money you would think I won the lottery

Ok now, mother fuck these niggas, mother fuck these bitches
I'm clenching on my nuts, that purp' smoke in my swisher
Don't chase nothing with my liquor, hold sixteen in my pistol
I'm getting money they know it, bout thirty grand what I'm holding
This young nigga here balling, you Pee Wee and I'm Spawling
You Jeremy Lin and I'm Jordan, you ice cold and I'm scalding
Got a [?] ghost no rent, that bitch cost me a grip
Like a lot of ass in them hips, and an ass sitting on blam
It look like I won the lottery, shitting on them no apologies
Wipe my ass with your economy, cause I burn money no calories
Same lame niggas keep hating, new money my fragrance
Red bone from Asia, ass sitting bodacious, huh

Yeah, got the granite counter tops with the marble floors
Getting money Lionel Richie, no comedores
So what? I fucked your bitch, but what you calling for
Small thing to a giant, call me dinosaur
Them hating niggas making sour, I make lemonade
Buy expensive things, even my linen paid
She bring her freaky friends over, let me penetrate
Pop a pill, fuck them while they rolling then escape
Fuck, but a nigga's just trying to get paid
Her [?] that's my taste, half a mill for the crib I'll stay
Damn a nigga balling like I'm in a league, on some bullshit call me Scotty P

Ok, I'm riding around and I'm getting it, couple grand in my Dickie's
Pocket full of them hundreds, with a fat bag of that sticky
Got a yellow bitch in them Vicky's, and she gotta be thinking I'm so picky
If she fucking with me she winning, that pussy good and I'm spending
Got big money I blow it, oh look mama it's snowing
Them whips they driving is foreign, blew a quarter mill cause it's boring
Got blood under my sneakers, it's ten K for my feature
Your bitch in love with my features, If I like your chick I might keep her
It look like I hit the lottery, neck worth about a quarter key
Next trip I'm going over seas, name another nigga hot as me

Autor(es): ,Kevin Cossom