John Frusciante

Lou Bergs

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Flying over the black town
Forces call to me to get right down
Work it out again to catch my trout
throw it in these effects unpacked

Ground breaks, direction
No one else could penetrate time

Learn you to move the grass above all time
Past moving up and all futures go back
Look at where you are you find no trace of time
Going in around in the only places you're free
low birds, you were the full taste to this from downtown

Lou bergs, you were the full taste to this from downtown

You say what you want it was yours till you die
to come up, you float down
i drew and agaony fall
You grow back with your face down
The breast bone it feels
You glow bright and you will always hear this sound

You can always have this back
Its so hard to make joy so sad
You can always just stand back
its a hearts (??)
that make it (??)
grow down on faces (??)

Autor(es): John Frusciante