Peter and The Test Tube Babies

Louise Wouldn't Like It

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(If he's late) If he's late she starts to cry.
(She's got a list) She's got a list of things to buy.
(He can't go in ) He can't go in for social mixing.
(There's a plug) There's a plug that still needs fixing.

Louise wouldn't' like it, Louise wouldn't' like it .. ..

(Her claws were in ) Her claws were in, the word was out.
(He tried his best) He tried his best to blow her out.
(She smelt the blood ) She smelt the blood she had the scent.
(Tracked him down) In every night club that he'd frequent.

(He used to be) He used to be fun he used to have mates.
(Spending money) But spending money don't pay the rates.
(It doesn't' matter ) It doesn't matter love I know how you feel.
(How do I feel) We can always go out for a meal.

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