Marc Almond

Love Amongst The Ruins

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So okay you think I am some kind of Semolina headed, fired and feted little virgin (?)
Well, that's okay with me
One arm in the ashtray
One arm around your neck
Pulling you across the six weeks sheets to me

Oh you see
Oh you see

I could be a walking one man career for some psychiatrist, it's true
I am open to everyone, unique to few
What about you?
Yeah, how 'bout you?
A sleaze burger, grease-grimmer, eye-liner whiner
Up to your ears in a Mecca of broken dreams
Only just getting by with another calculated lie, your lobotomy eyes
Tell me a million different versions of what you've seen and what you've been

Uh, oh

Try to dodge the shadows of the lights upon the tarmac
Desperation kicks me to the kill
'cause baby, I'm waiting the station for my train to ruination just trying to find a way to cheat the bill

Uh, yeah woah oh oh

Uh, if they hit you on one cheek then, smash them on the other!
It's a knuckle dusted path we walk to survive
Pinch yourself and shake the sand out of the seams
As the time to climb out of the little bit arrives
Loose, resplendent lips stick on you (?)
Blissed of all the bugger holes (?)
Bite the soft skin on the inside
Resist the watering sensation to bite my way right through
Bite my way right through you
I'm gonna bite my way right through you

Yeah, yeah

I'll watch other (?)
No where to go
I'll watch other (?)
No where to go
No where to go
No where to go
No where to go
I gotta go, go, go
I gotta go, go, go


The kitchen smells soaked and burned up, stale milk and rotten beer across the floor (?)
Watch in admiration as you get yourself together
To peel the damp, dried tea bags off the wall
Salvage up some sugar tea
Sweet enough together from the bugs that bide escaping from the bed (?)
Love this riddle ruined
Be it the bags that hide in my head (?)
And walk the way we way to desolation day (?)
We're waiting at station for a train to ruination
Who cares the destination?
Who cares when we arrive?
Smell of busted damns beneath the bathroom and the tiles (?)
Something tells me we been here all the time