Jars Of Clay

Love Came Down At Christmas

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Love Came Down at Christmas ,
Love all lovely, love divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Star and angels gave the sign.

Worship we the Godhead,
Love incarnate, love divine;
Worship we our Jesus:
But wherewith for sacred sign?

Love will be our token,
Love be yours and love be mine,
Love from God to all of us,
Love for plea and gift and sign.

Love for the 10 commandments
Love for the 9 that dress so fine
Love for the 8 that stood at the gate
Love for the 7 that where looking at the Heaven
Love for the 6 that never got fixed
Love for the 5 that stayed alive
Love for the 4 that stood at the door
Love for the Hebrew children
Love from the little babe, baby

Autor(es): Christina Rossetti / Jörgen Elofsson

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