Jon B

Love Don't Do

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Love's golden band
Little hands that have gripped a thousand years
You thought he was the only man
As he left you in your December tears
He don't deserve
A woman like you
A man like me
Needs to show you
What real love is supposed to be
Funny how the days of new
Keep speeding up
But the night of old
Seem like they're slowing down
But don't you cry
To save the truth
From coming out
With words that let him go
I guarantee he won't be back around

Love don't do
What he did to you
Don't you know love was made for two
Me and you
Love don't do
What he did to you
Love don't leave you in the cold
Maybe the tale you've not been told
Story of all he did to you
Love don't do

Come in from the rain
Outside take off your coat
Come over here by the fireplace
I know baby, I know it feels so bad
When someone you love
Comes and leaves your side
Strange what desire
Can make people do
Following foolish pride
They say you don1t really love somebody
'Til you love them enough to let them go
Seems these cliches had a reason to be made
His love came a lifetime too late
You had to let him know

Autor(es): Jon B.