Love Elusive

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All the girls and boys who fill their voids
With anything that comes
Are you aware of what you've done?
'Cause I can't believe the mockery
The mess you've made of love
If you hunt a word, the feeling will never come

And I try to through broken eyes
And I try to learn the lesson
Then I let it die

Lost love push shove
Feel it in my bones again
And your weight will drown me, crown me
King of all the skeletons
And although I will walk with the dead men
I won't stop till I know when
This will end like everything must end
I'll outgrow my bones again

All the suits and ties afraid of time
Will never make amends
Are you aware you'll come undone?
You think you'll fly beyond our sky
The ground won't see you end
But you're only melting in the sun

Tear those wings off
You are one of us

Why can't you see you could be free again
If you just simply choose to be
I swear you could make it feel good again
If you just simply let it be
'Cause there will be

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