Allen Asbury

Love Is An Uphill Climb

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They led you from the temple through the street
To the hill called Calvary
And with a heavy cross upon Your back
You fell in agony
But You struggled up, climbed that hill
Out of love for me

I guess love sometimes is an uphill climb
So with my cross Lord
I'll climb the rugged mountaintop
And I won't stop 'cause I know love sometimes
Is an uphill climb
Jesus, when You walked that hill to Calvary

You proved to me that love sometimes is an uphill climb
So I'll follow You each sep along the way
Through the struggle Lord, if that's what it takes
Because I know that love's not easy
Sometimes it costs
Lord help me remember every time I see the cross
That love sometimes is an uphill climb

Lord You said if you want to be a follower of Mine
Take up your cross and yourself tonight
Oh Lord with Your strength I know I'll make it
One step at a time
Even when this road I'm on feels like an uphill climb

Autor(es): Allen Asbury / Dave Clark / Don Koch

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