Love Is Dead

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Let reality burn down on fire.
I have only one desire:
I so want again fall asleep
And stay here for keeps…

Dawn burn down in your eyes.
Your lips are sliding along my neck.
My blood is sliding along your lie.
Sharp fangs is laying a track
To the black heart.

My blood on your hands.
Your body is trembling from the wish.
In the moon’s radiance
Your whisper it seems devilish.
But love is dead, it’s true isn’t?

Love is dead. Only black eagle
Is whirling above her splinters.
Spiders have weaved a shroud
For our love. Take it!

Look: my heart is dead!
Tell, you also feeling the dread?
Love has turned to ashes…
Ashes of last flash.
Love is dead, it’s true isn’t?

You live under my skin,
In my memory and in my veins.
I feel a smell of dead flowers
And my heavy cold chains.

No, this is a dream,
This is a boiling stream
Of your phantasms.
It’s only mine phantasms?
Love is dead, it’s true isn’t?