Bill Anderson

Love Song For Jackie

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He stopped at the bar on his way to the bandstand
To strenghten his courage and weaken his pride
On an old paper napkin he wrote me this message
When the snow's over Mister could I see you outside
To look on his face said it's no laughing matter
I nodded and cautiously walked to the door
Clutching my sleeve he said Mister it's Jackie
She left me and said she won't be back no more
Please sing a love song for Jackie sing it on record and on the TV
She's always said you were her favorite singer
And she listened to you fore she listened to me
Please tell Jackie I love her tell her I'm dying without her it's true
Please sing a love song for Jackie
So Jackie wherever you are and whatever you're doing right now
I want you to know this song's for you
Jackie it's wrong don't you leave him he can't live without you any fool can see
This is my love song for Jackie
Don't hurt him Jackie you don't know how much he loves you
Go back to him just don't ever tell him that you left him for me

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