George Duke

Love Songs

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Love songs, sweet love songs
Love songs, sweet, sweet, sweet love

Hasn't every way to write a love song been written
Hasn't every way to tell the story been told
Hasn't everyone been moved and soothed by the melodies
Aren't there other tales to be told, other stories to unfold
Haven't we anything else to say
Or are we merely trapped to find another way
to say the same things
Don't we have other thoughts, other dreams
It seems every time I search that quiet place
I find myself with you face to face in my mind
There's nothing left to say except "I love you"

Hasn't every way to sing a love song been sung
Hasn't every way to phrase the message been done
Haven't all the great ones sung the melodies that've wooed you
Aren't there other songs to be sung with messages untold
Seems that we've lost our will to challenge
the mind and be a unique kind of artist and
friend, a teacher or prophet by pen
But wait, don't get me wrong, I love a good,
good love song
One that gets me real good when I close my eyes
I only seem to find the words "I love you"
"I love you", I can't help myself
And as long as you keep needin' them, I'll
keep servin' 'em till my last breath
No, I'm not alone, there're others like you and me
'Cause there's always someone who wants to
tell their story of need
And it's a simple story, one as old as time
And we all know that sometimes love don't have no reason or rhyme
Hingin' on to those love songs

Autor(es): George Duke