Rodney Crowell

Loving You Makes Me Strong

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Loving you makes me strong makes me want to live forever
Gives me the strenght to carry on through the rain and wind and weather
Loving you makes me bold it makes me climb the highest mountain
Builds a fire down in my soul brings me water from the fountain
Loving you makes me strong and when it's time to face tomorrow
I'll be right where I belong loving you makes me strong
[ guitar ]
Somehow I stumbled into your world down on my knees is where you found me
Now I awake up in your arms I can't believe they're still around me
Loving you gives me hope it gives me something I can stand on
And when I'm running out of rope it's something I can get my hands on
Loving you makes me strong...
And loving you makes me strong loving you makes me strong

Autor(es): Rodney Crowell

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