Lunar Transcendence & The Secret Kiss Of Nut

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Thou shall become living flame before She incarnates
And Glorious we chant the Mantras of the Fiery Path
Let me be one with your Majesty and Drink from your Essence
For I am yours to transcend ad the Pair of Opposites
For you are the Gateway to the Aeonless Dimensions
Denying the bounds of the illusions of Time
Essence of the Black head and Aeons of fire! Ascending

I rise like the sun above olive trees, like the moon above date palms
Where there is light, I shall be. Where there is darkness, there is none of me
I rise like the moon above dale palms
I am counted as one among stars
(Excerpt from Egyptian Book of the Dead)

Lady of the starry heaven release through your core the
Dragons of the hither side the chasm of the possible worlds are manifest
Release your portals at my being and bless me with your silver Light
As the misty shadows chants everlasting the deadly horizons
May from your Vulva
I shall be unveiled as you Swallow and Rebirth stars
Neith Goddess of Kalas release your Siddhis and Her petals Blossom

You rise with Majesty blessed by the
Blood of the Mortals and crowned by the
Horns of the Morning Sun
Queen of the Infinite Space enthroned by the spirits of the Undead and praise Mirrors of Destiny
Revelation of Psychoforms! Protector of the Dead

Nuit Lady of the thousand stars, daughter of Shu and Tetnut from you all Manifest, Heaven Itself
Mother of Osiris, Horus, Isis
Set and Nephthys your divinity I invoke under the blessing of Sinn
Vamana grant me the essence of Immortality
Vama Marg!

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