Abysmal Torment

Lurid Iniquity

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Far away from civilization
In a desert were he dragged them
from which there is no escape
Some of them are still alive
For hours there he sits
watching this bloody orgy of human shit
He laughs as they slowly rot and die
rejects they deserve to die
Watching the greedy crow
Picking at their bones
Bleeding eyes are torn out
A sight of Lurid Iniquity
Those of them who are still alive
Beg him for mercy
But he's deaf to their suffering
Hypnotized by the sinuous motions
Created by the mass of gnawing worms
Feeding upon their butchered corpses
Rotting shreds scattered all around
Drying in the sun
Their unearthly pain satisfics
His sadistic fantasies
For hour and hours there he sitis
Surrounded by an aura of death
watching their worthless lives slowly expire

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