Sarah Harmer

Luther's Got the Blues

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I hate the city it brings me down
I'm a country boy I'm new to town
But I never really thought it was gonna be like that
Spent all my money, I'm busted flat

So I'm eating my dinners at the Sally Ann
Met a fellow named Charlie there, a fellow named Stan
And they laugh at my clothes and the way that I talk
8 A.M comes and I hit the streets and walk
And the bus stops, the doughnut shops
It's raining out today like it's never gonna stop

And I got the blues
I got nothing left to lose

There's a hole in my shoe and my foot's getting wet
And Nick at the arcade made me a bet
That by Saturday noon when my money's all gone
I'll be heading out of town like another sad, hard luck song
And all the faces on the streets got a look of fear
I can't go home but I hate it here
Oh, why'd I ever go and leave the farm anyway?
Thought the city my help me take my blues away
But the cars go by
Tonight I'll stay dry
Sleeping underneath an awning and trying not to cry

I got the blues
I got nothing left to lose

My pappy used to have a little problem drinking scotch
He did a lot of stupid things
We used to hate to watch
But he's cleaned up his act as a matter of fact
Although there's something there we lost
We're never going back

And I got the blues
I got nothing left to lose

And the concrete beneath my feet
Has got inside my soul and it's sucking out the heat

Autor(es): Luther Wright

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