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When the Sun goes down setting behind the sea
And the Dark around makes all the things unseen
All my hidden thoughts will surge,
Old pain will get sharp,
Secret memory will make my tears well up.

Through the dark of night, through the ocean of noise
I can see a face and I can hear a voice
Calling for me over there. Or it just seems to me,
Or it's my lonely soul crying so bitterly.

One who lives so far breathes the same air with me
Sees the same bright stars, dives into the same blue sea.
All these tie us and deprive; only loneliness is real.
Captive in this life, in my Death I'll be free.

I've got so indifferent to all the humankind
Spending my imprisonment without some hope to find
Some day a little key to leave my prison,
The flame of my heart has gone.
All I need is any reason
For my empty life to go on.