Acoustic Junction

Madame Butterfly

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Went to the opera house, someone sang to me
Just a few crowns it cost, some might call it free.
I did not know how sad, I did not know how sad.
I did not know how sad it would be.

Sat alone in a private box all draped in red
Though I did not understand a single word they said
The music it surrounded me, it filled my head
yes, the music filled my head.

Don't cry, madame, madame butterfly,
it's not too late, too late to learn to fly.
Don't cry, madame, madame butterfly,
you're much to young, too young, too young to die.

Then came the letter, he would embark
Her flame did flicker now, her soul did spark

Oh, but just then, her world grew dark
Oh, how her world grew dark

Maybe it was loneliness that took her life away
Or maybe 'cause the sky showed only shades of black and grey
Oh, but yes there is this one thing that I'd like to again say
Yes, I would like to say

Goodbye madame, madame butterfly,

Autor(es): Marc Singer

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