Kool G Rap


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Listen up, Maggie
You fix 'em up, Maggie
Through that see-through dress
You're looking tough Maggie
Turn around, let me zip you up
Yep, I do that gladly
All shook, feel like a glad baggy
Ziplock and my chick box steady
My chick rock heavy
Hit off with all races
My baby meltin' pot ready
I can smell a hot cherry
I swear my lady can cook, she puttin' weight on
Speed of the pace on me, even though she flake on me
She played a part in the movie Scarface with Tony
Sometime I leave her breathing in a hard place and lonely
We make up for break ups in the hard place she on me
She be a Heartbreaker
Leaving them with sniffle nose
Heart skip with second rows[?}
But they don't know what kids was calledcold
Give your tongue freeze, Colombian seed breed
A farmer's daughter
Those Colombians leave with speed

Oh Maggie, you break cold
Too bad you left them on skid row, Maggie
They talked about how they give a blow, Maggie
Lips so tacky
Let the wig grow shaggy
The kid's nose scabby
They hit the lows gradually
My chick's so flashy
Skin was awesome glitter
She bring in auction figures
She had a Porsche delivered
I get across the river
There's a fortune with her
Coarse and bitter
Real raw attitude
She travel seashores, lines and latitude
Minds be ravished through
Show you what a habit do
Good sense of humour, they love it when she crack up
Complexion on the picture perfect
Not a scratch or cut
A curse and a touch
You're whole life could collapse and destruct
What we got between us is passion and love
She like it in front of mirrors, smashing it up

We most wanted, Maggie
They man hunting us, baby
They got police all on the interstate, going crazy
Coast guard going hard, border patrol and Navy
This true romance
They acting like we stole a baby
You looking so eighties
Mommy is so fly
We buck wild like Bonnie and Clyde
Don't cry, just fly, they gonna lay us next to Bonnie and Clyde
I swear we ain't never going inside
One thing they can't take is our pride
Can't dodge fate, we'll always be for God's sake
See the heart shape in her eyes
Just caught chasin', heartbreaking
Put a long scrape on your thight
But hold your head up high
You're starting to sweat inside
I can't stand seeing my redhead die
They got a barricade coming up on exit five
My other half, my bestest side, my precious pie
Rest your eyes
The rest is high