Maggie Lauder

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Wha wadnae be in love wi bonnie Maggie Lauder?
A piper met her gaun tae Fife an speirt whit was't thae caad her?
Richt dantonlie she answered him "Begone, ye hallanshaker!
Jog on yer gate, ye blatherskite, ma name is Maggie Lauder"
"Meg", quo he, "an by ma bags, A'm fidgin fain tae see ye
Sit doun by me ma bonnie bird in troth A winnae steer ye
For A'm a piper tae ma trade ma name is Rab the Ranter
The lassies loup gin thae were daft whan A blaw up ma chanter"
"Piper", quo Meg, "hae ye yer bags an are yer drones in order?
Gin ye be Rab A've heard o ye live ye upon the border?
The lassies aa baith far an near hae heard o Rab the Ranter
A'll shak ma fit wi richt guidwill gin ye blaw up yer chanter"
Then tae his bags he flew wi speed about the drones he twisted
Meg up an walloped owre the green for brawlie cud she frisk it
"Weel dune!" quo he, "Play up!", cries she, "Weel bob'd", quo Rab the Ranter
"It's worth ma while tae play indeed whan A hae sic a dancer!"
"Weil hae ye played yer pairt", quo Meg, "yer cheeks thae are like crimson
Thair's nane in Scotlan plays sae weel sin we lost Habbie Simpson
A've lived in Fife baith maid an wife these twalve year an a quarter
Gin ye sud come tae Ainster fair, speir ye for Maggie Lauder"

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