Magic Ride

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somehow ayreon senses that his fate is upon him,
and he implores,
no he commands his future tormentors
to grant him one last moment of splendour in place of all the misery
that haunts his mind. but no one hears his plea...

i sense a fear
deep inside
the end is near
i cannot hide
blood is spilt
my quest is unfulfilled

there's still so much
i long to see
i need to touch
i wish to be
i can't believe
this is all i can achieve

hark me now and let me go
to far-away lands and distant shores
an angel at my side
no evil plans or future wars
take me high on a magic ride

did you ever care
how i could feel
as you dreamt up
this one-way deal
my lords of time
don't you understand

my life's been rough
i was born to lose
i've had enough
of them future-blues
grant my wish
my wish is your command

the great merlin, arthur's magician and prophet,
has observed ayreon's endeavours argus-eyed,
but now he believes the moment has come for him to intervene.

Autor(es): Arjen Anthony Lucassen