Fucked Up

Magic Word

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Put a bug into my ear,
When I woke up I was here.
I blew smoke onto a page and watched the letters re-arrange,
Pushed the words into my veins,
Tripped the valve inside my brain,
Spoke a language I could see,
I swam inside reality

Write in vines and speak in tongues,
Double meanings in my lungs
Brazen head spits out the skies,
These words are heavy but I'm alright.

The tangled web inside my head changed the canvas as it spread,
Concepts mushroomed as I talked notions,
Opened as I walked,
Chemistry is just a word we use to describe
What occurs when subtle changes in your mind make energy from common lives.

Things move everywhere, I look, I'm stuck in someone else's book,
Letter perfect engineer then it all just disappears,
All of my words became one all the changes were undone,
I'm a strange loop, that is clear, put a bug into my ear.

Autor(es): Fucked Up