Ma-Ion (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification)

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All lives and all deaths heed but one single call Ya! Nur-I Siyah
O Black crown jewel of GOD!
Not one soul or spirit in these worlds three can unchain
Their longing hearts without tasting your MYSTERY

Specters begone
For my eyes pierce the night
In search for that one mind-blinding sight that shall return
The shadowed throngs into ash and lifeless dust
Dreams into Death and the wrong into just

And the just into a blade to flay my withering skin
And a torch to light my own funeral pyre that shall lend
The Peacock-Phoenix its blazing wings rending
The skyline with untamable fire

It was for you a man I became
And clothed my true nature in a garment of shame to praise you
In a billion of shapes and names though they
All resounded like one and the same

Like a rod of black lightning striking
The tower your eye pierced through the dark night
Of my soul for there can be no other goal
Of my inmost desire when my hungering heart belongs to fire

Prisad vare Lucifer
Ljuset av min mördade värld sjung min blödande lunga emot avgrundahimmel
Sanningens fasa där divisionens vita lik drunkar
I förenings mitt och ultplåningens stjärnglans svämmar över I midnattsljus

He who dares to unlock the night’s leaden gates
And spill his own blood upon the pages of date
He who dates to meet that vile monstrous gaze
That waits at the end of the infernal maze
And dive without fear into the yawning abyss
And steal from the wildest of witches a kiss

Yes, but he has the serpent of old come to bless
With a light that blinds both life and Death

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