Make It Right

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You gotta try
Then make it right

Baby you gotta try
Then make it right
Into the groove
And make a move
Shake your body
You can't resist
You can't resist my baby and...
Let the music take control
Yeah baby feel tha soul
Music makes me feel so good
And makes you feel too
Baby it's all right

Oh! Baby I need your love
Oh! Baby give me your heart
Cause I need, I need, I need it yeah!
Oh! Baby sing to me
Oh! Baby don't stop for me
Cause I wanna see, wanna see, wanna se it yeah!

Hey! Let's go to the street
Baby don't stop now
Let's sing for everybody
Come on! Do you wanna get Funky?
Baby all I wanna do is feel the groove and make a move
Baby you too, music makes me feel good
Let the music take control, feel tha soul, here we go!
Baby what you see
Are the fucking guys on the street

Oh! Baby show me your soul
You want so much baby I know
Come on, come on my sweet D.J.
And make me love all the time
Please baby don't say goodbye
Let me see you say all right

Baby it's all right, baby it's all right
Let the music pump it up all night
Here we go bro! Check the sound now
Hey D.J. play Funky in tha house

Sing a song!
Everybody singing in tha house
Come on darling everybody singing!

Don't be afraid when you walk dirty streets
The sound comes from to the underground
To make us strong
Hey D.J. what you gonna play tonight?
I want a Funky that makes me feel all right!
Though your hands in the air/ Yeah! All the time
And wave'em like you just don't care/ Why?
Hey my sweet D.J. I want you forever
And forever we can stay together

Make it right/ Make it right
Just a minute yeah/ Just a minute yeah
Make a move into the groove
Check the sound, don't stop now
And make it/ And make it
Make me happy/ Make me happy
Stay with me, believe me
The music is magic like your eyes

And I hope...
That you play for me
And I hope...

Hey D.J. I need your love
Oh! Give me baby your heart

Sample, keyboards programming,
scratches and background vocals
by: Georgia Brown
Guitar : Kan Kanbay
Recorded by: Bruno Wambier
and Georgia Brown

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