Make You Insane

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He is walking in the city on a cold summer day
He thinks this place is shitty and wants to get away
He is crying silent tears alone in this rainy summer night
He is looking at the universe and wondering where his star shines

You payed for your protection
To your dealer of the shit
He fed you with injections
Heroin, sperm and spit
The less you feel sane
The more you are dreaming

Make you insane

You are walking around in shadows
With nothing to buy more
Looking up every corner
For a dressed up pervert whore
The more you feel sane
The less you are craving

Make you insane

Here! Take this drug
Stick it up your nose
Right to your brain
U-uh! Give some money first or I'll kick your ass off
You worthless piece of human trash

He would like to kiss your ass
Kiss your ass goodbye
He would love to make you bleed
Then I'll watch you die
He shall have his way today
He knows it's time to kill
He shall hear your final prayer
There's more blood to spill

He will surely mess you up
Everywhere inside your head
He will help you clean you mind
So far untill you're dead

Make you insane