A Beautiful Silence

Make Your Move

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You know that Ive got my eyes on you
I have for a while not dont be scared
Ive got nothing but good intentions
O did I mention im for real
Now press your lips against mine
I dont mine
Place your hands on my face
To embrace
Live in the moment before you know it
Its done
Theres only one first and theres only one last
And its time

To make your move I adore you and you know it dont you?
Dont you tell me your not ready to take this chance
And lets say that you were to die tonight
My whole world would be turned upside down and inside out

Now Ive got myself in a situation that calls for attention
But Ive got no worries those things they call worries they dont exist
I take my time Ive got nine lives and Ive died only twice
For a limited time only nine ninety nine ill sell you my soul

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