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(A wish that Malena had wings)

Malena for hours would run in the meadow well Malena would go to play every day
She chased butterflies and she'd say with the smile
If I had wings I could fly that away
Malena would cry when we try to explain
That little girl's world's supposed to haven wings
That only in heaven can little girls fly we'd see a strange look in Malena's eyes

(A wish that Malena had wings)

We'll always remember Malena's last birthday
Boxes with bright colored ribbon and string
And the wish that she made as she blew out the candles
A wish that Malena had wings
And with all the gifts that we bought for Malena
The wish that she made we could not satisfy
But on the night of her birthday the angels fullfilled it
They gave her wings and now Malena can fy
Malena has wings and Malena can fly on the wings of an angel in heaven on high
From the time she could talk her wish was the same a wish that Malena had wings

(A wish that Malena had wings)

Autor(es): Dolly Parton

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