Bill Anderson

Mama's Face

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My mama loved my dad for fifty years she worked along beside him in the fields
He never gave her much but he gave her all he had
Dad's the only reason my mama lived
Mama's face would light up like a diamond
Each time my daddy just walked in the room
She'd stop what she was doing and put her arms around him
Dad's the only world my mama knew
Mama never saw her roses bloom that year the angels came before the robin's song
Mama said she didn't mind goin' on ahead but heaven won't be heaven till dad is home
When mama left she left dad a lonely man
But he talked to mama like she was still here
Oh he'd talk about the hard times and the good times that they'd had
As his old mind slipped back across the years
Daddy never plowed his fields again he just sat down to wait his time to come
And then one day he said I think I hear a choir sing
And he closed his eyes and went to live with mom
Lord I want to thank you for the years that they were here for me to love
Though it's hard to let 'em go Lord you know I'd let 'em go again
If I could have just bein' there and seen my mama's face when my dad walked in
If I could have only seen my mama's face when my daddy walked in

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